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How often do we wonder, why the Google- auto-complete gives us curious search proposals. But now, Google explains some factors, which generate the real-time proposal. Google shows us 5 till 10 most likely auto-complete versions. These are based on our previous written queries and the intention here is to save time. A helpful gadget indeed but we are left sometimes wondering as to the strange nature of some of these top 10 proposals.

For example: If you start to search for „how to find a“, Google wants to complete the sentence with „sugar daddy“. I do not want to judge somebody. But I only want to find a good doctor.

But these proposals are no coincidence. Google takes your own search behaviour, trends, holidays, current issues and your place into account to give you the best fits result. Of course, the proposal based on other users, who live in your city or country, search, as well.

Google Desktop Screen

The selection changes with every new letter, which you enter. If you log in into Google and use the search engine, it is much easier for Google to give you your personal proposal. Because they know your interests. Ahead of that, if you had searched for the fashion brand „Mango“ in the past, you will not get pictures of the fruit „Mango“ in your next search. Even though the auto-complete of Google is helpful, sometimes it can cause bad moods with people. In some cases, it even went so far, that people feel discriminated.

Like a german CEO. The auto-complete of Google associates his name with terms like Scientology and fraud. And we all know, terms like that are not helpful to get new costumers. Google had argued that these proposals are not factual claims and results of other users search- behaviour.
But the judgement decided for the benefit of the German CEO. They said this is character assassination. And Google had to change it.

Still might be a good way to regulate where ones internet habits lie if the autocomplete starts to return crazy stuff.

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