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It is without any doubt that: Instagram is one of the most popular and successful Social Media platforms. But not every brand has discovered the benefit of advertisement and media appearance on Instagram even though the statistics of Instagram speak for themselves. The interaction rate between brand and potential customers are 10x times higher than on Facebook.  It looks similar with Twitter and Pinterest. In contrast to Twitter, the interaction on Instagram is 84x times higher.

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Even if you disregard these enormous numbers, you will find many other reasons to use Instagram for your business.
For example, it does not matter how big your company is, how high your annual turnover is or how much employees you have. Every brand has the same chance to build a high range.
Like on every other platform it is all about the content. But, keep in mind, only on Instagram is Content the pure king. Because it is only YOUR content that you can share. Not like on Facebook, where you can share every article or picture from someone else. Ahead of that, the focus is purely on your product and brand.

The mix of interesting content and skilful storytelling will help you to grow your interaction reach. Nonsense has no chance here.
This fact is both a blessing and a curse. You have to think twice. But with a tailor-made content strategy, you will find your own way to produce and post humorous and simple content of high quality.

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