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Influencer Marketing is booming. Big companies spend over thousands of dollars for only one Instagram post. (If the Instagram profile of the Influencer fits).

It is a great way to make your product or service popular. And this in a naturally way. Normally! The highest quality advertisement is to get Influencer who use your products or services in their everyday live. In front of product placement, the user and potential costumer can see how useful this product is.

But sometimes these posts are overly staged. In the worst case, the Influencer use your product in a wrong context.

Perfect example:

Do you brush your teeth in a swimming pool? I do not think so. But why does this Influencer do that?

Influencer Fail brushing teeth in pool
Influencer Fail with Bifi

Other people are taking their squeaking duck with them when they take a bath. But this Influencer thinks it is better to take a salami. What the hell?! What is wrong with her?

In the underline of her post she wants to promote a competition. In this competition you can win a „Bifi“-Radio and a lot of Bifis too. The only thing you have to do is to give her a like and comment the question: What are the benefits to take a bath with salami?

I think this does not need more words.

In summary, it can be very funny, if influencer marketing goes wrong. But if it is your business which makes the whole world laugh unintentionally then you are doing it wrong. The biggest lesson here is that to make the most out of influencer marketing, you need to study potential influencers before partnering with them.

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