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Cricket is a game which was started in England in 16 the century. The game is played between two teams of 11 players each. The popularity of the game is such that it has spread out too many countries like England, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, West indies, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Iceland, Kenya and Scotland. One must follow the rules and regulations to play this gentleman’s game. Many of them start playing for fun and many dream of becoming professionals.

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Over the years the game has evolved and at present there are 3 different formats of the game which is recognised by ICC (International Cricket Council). Test cricket which spread out over a period of 5 days, one day internationals (ODI) is a full day affair with each side having 50 overs each to play at and Twenty-20 (T 20) which is a shortened format that calls for high amount of fitness and skill. A Cricket Matches is played between two teams each of 11 players and is played on a pitch 22 yards in length in the centre of an oval shaped ground. The captain of the team has the authority to take decision on the field of play. A match is started after the spin of a coin. (Toss) is being performed by the two captains in the presence of the two umpires who are the sole judges on the conduct the match.

The captain of the team who wins the toss will decide whether his team will field or bat first. In Test cricket each team will have to play two innings of unlimited overs where as ODI consists of 2 innings of 50 overs each and T-20 consists of 2 innings of 20 overs each as the name of the format suggests. The batting team will send two of their batsman to score runs. Losing a wicket will require another batsman until the team is all out after all 10 players are out. A batsman usually gets dismissed in the following pattern. Bowled out, hit wicket, leg before wicket, runout, caught out, timed out and stumped etc.

The bowling team will have the objective of preventing the batting team from scoring. In Test cricket there is no limit of overs for a bowler where as ODI a bowler is allowed only a total of 10 overs maximum and in T 20 not more than 4 overs. An over is a set of six balls bowled by a bowler. The batsmen have the options of scoring runs in 4 s where the ball touches or passes the boundary rope, A Six – where the ball passes the boundary rope without bouncing inside the rope, some thing which is similar to a home run in baseball. If the ball has not crossed the boundary rope, batsman have the option of running between the 22 yards of the pitch, it can be a single, double, three runs, four runs etc. Whichever team scores the most runs are declared as the winner of the match.

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Nowadays cricket is becoming very popular in a lot of countries especially after the introduction of T-20 format. This game has reached a different level of popularity amongst the people.

Like other games, cricket is also a very intense game and players needs to keep himself/ herself fit and healthy physically and mentally. Excellent team spirit and sense of discipline can be developed by playing this game. Deep concentration and determination are necessary to gain perfection. This sport is regarded as the valuable and dignified one. This is also called a game of glorious uncertainties.

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