Croatia (1/3)

As a child I spent a lot of time in Croatia and I love this country, not just because of my roots just because it’s such a beautiful and relaxing place to be. Always when I’m there my brain and my soul are going in to a relaxed mood where everything is always fine.

I have to say I haven’t been everywhere but I hear people reviewing other places where I haven’t been so I can choose wisely where to go and spend a nice time with either friends or family.

As I speak Croatian it’s easy for me to talk to people and find out some really nice spots in Croatia like Murter Beach.

Murter Beach

As me and my friends been travelling 3 years ago trough Croatia for 2 weeks we’ve visited the small place called Murter which is a bit hidden. You have to go to Tisno and drive around the Island to the other side of it to get there. As we arrived there we found a beautiful bay which was not to overly crowded with tourist. You can see in the picture below how it looks like I do recommend it the water was nice and clear.


The next location I really loved, last year I’ve been in Pakostane to visit my cousin for her birthday. Unfortunately, last year were forest fires and burned most of the landscape but this hopefully won’t be an issue this year because people think some set it on fire. This place is just amazing and it’s just 45 min away from Zadar but you’ll read about Zadar next. Pakostane is a pretty much Vegan spot, I mean with that you can buy the purest self-harvested vegetables and fruits which also have the best taste (nothing like in Germany or Austria) I also met there some really cool people and thanks to my cousin we had some really good fun together. It’s a small place but just go there and see for yourself.

And you just need to take the ferry which is also cheap or rent a boat for the day to go across Pakostane to the really quiet and beautiful island called Vrgada there you’ll find a small hidden sand bay with really warm water to swim and let your soul float.

I also had the best Tuna Carpaccio ever here on Vrgada in a small restaurant up the hill on our way back to the ferry… so if you like tuna than get you’re Carpaccio there. Love goes through the stomach.

Vrgada Pakostane Croatia

In this Picture, I’m laying on the beach of Vrgada with my Ukulele.

I’m separating this post into 3 because there’s a lot to write about Croatia so this is the first part the next part is coming next Thursday.

to be continued…

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