Croatia (2/3)

As I’ve been writing before there’s a lot to tell about Croatia, here comes the 2ndPart of my Article. I really love to travel to Croatia… I know the People and I speak the language which I’m really grateful for because I also could have grown up without knowing the language which I didn’t thankfully.

Here comes something about the City I visited twice because I liked it so much “Zadar”.


A lot of my friends who are living in Austria have a house in Zadar and as we all love Croatia so much we like to go to their houses and enjoy a great and fun vacation in this place.  There’s a lot of stuff you can do in Zadar like for example, you can visit the old city which is stunningly beautiful.

When you walk through the city you can come to the sea organs which are really known around the whole world. A bit further next to the organs there is the Platform called “The Greeting to the Sun”.

Which is pretty amazing cause it gets loaded during the day with Solar energy and at nights it’s glowing in all different Colors. All of the is just parts of Zadar as there a lot to see and there are through the season all kinds of street-artists which are really amazing.

As I don’t want to spill out everything about Zadar you should just book your trip ASAP and go check it out yourself.

Nin / Vir

Nin is next to Zadar as is Vir but those 2 Islands are a bit on a low sea level and the tap Water quality mostly doesn’t exist.

I had a few family members struggling in those 2 places. Cause sometimes the water was just rusty, and you couldn’t shower after a long day at the beach.

Also, you had to buy Water all the time. I once wanted to book a room which looked totally different in the pictures than when we arrived there.

We looked at it and we were just annoyed by the women who tried to offer the five of us a room for two and then also wanted to charge us too much money for that, so we took off and she was pissed.

That was the last time I went to those Islands. But hey I am not going to judge maybe I just didn’t have a lot of luck at the time we were there.


This place is just like a dream at least for me, I loved it here the weather was amazing and really warm, and the water was warmed up as well next to the beach there is a Cocktail bar and they made the best “Sex on the Beach” I ever had.

Also, the whole beach area was just nice and calm just perfect atmosphere to just get perfectly tanned.

As there are a lot more beaches in Makarska which look like Paradise for this you should just google it and see for yourself.

So here you have another 3 places I’ve been to and my experience with them.

For Makarska I can’t tell you about hotels or Apartments cause we decided to sleep in the Car because it was big enough.

This was the 2nd Part of my Article about Croatia if you liked it or have some questions just comment below.

The 3rd and last Part is coming next Thursday so stay tuned.

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