Bad publicity is publicity, too, isn’t it? But in this case, it might be a bad publicity with extreme consequences for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Community.

After the latest data scandal some very important brands and people have deleted their Facebook presence by ether deleting completely or at least deactivated. A potential major setback for Facebook.

The British analytic company Cambridge Analytica has revealed that Facebook abuse the personal information of users without their permission. Over 87 million users are affected!

Elon Musk joins the delete facebook boycottWill Ferrell deletes his facebook account

Companies like Mozilla, Sonos or Commerzbank had already announced that want to cease advertisement for the moment on Facebook. The first step of this trend Elon Musk – the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla- has made. He has deleted the respective Facebookpages.

Mr Musk is not alone in this respect. Many companies, for example Playboy Magazine, have announced to deactivate the US Playboy Facebookpage. Under the Hashtag #DeleteFacebook  this movement gets more and more attention on Twitter.

But let us be honest: For a lot Brands and companies Facebook is a profitable marketing tool. Even though, some big brands had left Facebook, many stay. In front of that Facebook will not be significant effected by the #DeleteFacebook Hype.

But the clear sign, which for example Elon Musk had given, will be a bad milestone in the history of Facebook.

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg tried to apologize in many interviews. But if this is enough for the abuse of confidence? I do not think so.

Its not only VIPs and brands that have reacted. US lawmakers in both parties are calling for investigations.

In a letter Ron Wyden has asked Mark Zuckerberg the executive for answers. In his opinion Zuckerberg had to publish a list where he shows every instance in the past where a third-party company had violated the privacy rules of Facebook while collecting personal user data.

Now Zuckerberg need to think carefully about his reaction. Otherwise the Facebook storm will grow…more and more.

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