Difference between City (Cologne) and Valley (Zillertal)

I live in Cologne (Germany) now and before that I lived in the best Valley called Zillertal. Zillertal is in Austria in the province Tyrol. Look it Up it’s beautiful, you better go there at least once in your life.

The first Thing which is totally different to Zillertal is that Cologne is a Big City and my Hometown valley is a Valley. When you go there make sure you have planned enough time to be in traffic because especially in Winter everyone is going there to go Skiing or Snowboarding.

One thing which is really time saving is that in the city you have so many trams, and so much traffic so you don’t have to bother catching the next train cause it drives every 2-10 min everywhere you need.

In the Valley on the other hand you only have a bus which goes every hour.

Or the old Zillertalbahn which drives every half an hour, the worst thing is you only have the chance to drive with it till 8 or 9 pm.

The thing is you would probably need a car to come around more easy.

But the good thing about that is that the Valley is quieter than the City and the Air is fresh which is good for your skin I guess. Since I’m here in the City of Cologne my Skin got worse.

But I like the City because compared to the Village Cologne is more than tolerant for Homosexual or Gay people.

You can get married in Cologne as a Gay couple, which in my opinion is so great.

One thing I really like that Cologne is on low Sea level so it’s one of the warmest Cities of Germany, at least in Winter.

And there is no Place in Austria where you can celebrate Carnival that huge with so many people.

You see… doesn’t matter where you live there are good and bad things about every place but you can embrace everything about it.

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