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As I already wrote a Blog about my passion for drinks now I’m just going to explain some DIY’s Cocktails without alcohol, which are easily made at Home. If you don’t have a Muddler you can easily use a big Spoon to mash the fruits in the Glass.

1st Sportsman

A good friend brought me the passion fruit from Brazil at the end of the 90’s.

I was immediately enthusiastic and then created the non-alcoholic cocktail “Sportsman”.

Not only does it replenish your stores of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it also has a calming effect.

First, we take a cut up a lime and pour it into a glass.

Now we add the core of the passion fruit and one half of the shell.

Pound the lime and passion fruit well with the Muddler, then add 2cl agave syrup, 8cl maracuja juice and 6cl pineapple juice. Fill up with crushed ice and stir with a spoon. And the Sportsman is finished.

2nd Mumbai Royal 

No matter if you start your day energetically, survive an exhausting work-out or want to overcome the afternoon depression: The “Mumbai Royal” is the perfect energy source. The kumquat fruit not only has abundant vitamin A and C but also wonderful taste and a beautiful appearance! The mint calms the stomach and has a fantastic aromatic smell.

At first, we halve about 6 pieces of Kumquats and crush them with the Muddler.

Then we take 8 leaves of fresh mint, about 10-12 cl soda and 2 cl agave syrup.

Carefully stir until we feel a fine mint flavour. Finally, add 8cl maracuja juice and 4cl cranberry juice.

It is filled with crushed ice and stirred with a spoon, so the “Mumbai Royal” is finished.

To those Cocktails, we’re also going to publish Videos in a week or two, so stay tuned if you rather watch the DIY Video then go to our YouTube Channel Faveru.

And once again thanks for reading our Blog, feel free to comment always glad about reviews. If you try it at home let us know if you liked it.

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