After a long winter, Easter in Germany is the first occasion for many families to celebrate outdoors. The children look for Easter eggs in the garden and after that, they go with the adults for a walk and enjoy the mild spring air. A variety of traditions and customs provides fun activities around Easter, the highest feast of Christianity. There are also complaints about excessive consumption.

Lindt Chocolate
Easter Lamb


However, there is also more and more criticism on the subject of Easter. Because this festival is becoming more and more commercialized. Shortly after Christmas, you will find sweets and decoration material in the shops, which are marketed especially for Easter. Often, they are quite expensive and do not exactly comply with the principles of sustainability and responsible consumption. Various animal welfare and fair-trade action groups are critically addressing the issue. At Easter in Germany, there is much more than chocolate and stuffed bunnies!


At Easter, the Christian religion celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But also traces of pagan elements can be seen in today’s Easter traditions. For example, the painted Easter eggs go back to a pre-Christian fertility symbol. Over the centuries, different customs developed in the regions of Germany, some of which are still cultivated today with much love and a sense of tradition.

Easter eggs

The Easter bunny brings eggs to Easter. It is well known today. But that was not always the case. The egg hunt itself was already known in the 16th century. In the beginning, however, did not bring the Easter Bunny eggs.

Why a rabbit?

Why a hare has prevailed as one of the most significant Easter motifs may explain the fact that rabbits and eggs are signs of fertility. After a hard winter, animals and plants awake from their hibernation in spring. Nature blooms and transforms the forest into a colourful and lively natural spectacle.

Rabbits are the first animals to have their young in the spring and are therefore considered a fertility symbol. The female rabbit can give birth to several times a year and gets up to twenty young per litter.

Easter Bunny

Another tradition that is still popular today is Easter egg hiding. Especially the children have a lot of fun looking for Easter eggs in the garden or in the apartment on Easter Sunday – or even for nests where little presents are waiting for them.

At the family breakfast, small competitions are fought: two hard boiled eggs are beaten together with the tip. The one whose egg tip does not break wins. This game is called, depending on the region, Easter eggs ticking or otherwise.

Smashing Eggs

My family Tradition

As I’m born as a Croatian and lived in a Catholic household, I had to go to the church the day before Easter with a basket full of eggs and bread even salt and other dishes and let those get blessed by the priest. This blessed food we had then for breakfast on Easter Sunday and start the other Traditions as mentioned before.

I wish you all a happy Easter.

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