Facts about Cologne

From time immemorial, it’s been one of the biggest European transport centres: on average, it’s crossed by 8 trains every minute. The city is home to the headquarters of the national and regional TV and radio companies, and the country’s largest university. Cologne is also second in the world after New York in terms of the number of galleries.

I moved to Cologne not long ago and there’s a lot to see, you can explore everyday different things. And living here is also nice, the party locations are great people are more than nice which I am actually surprised about.

Let’s start with some facts about Cologne:

Fact 1 Cologne is the fourth largest City in Germany and the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Fact 2 Cologne is the warmest and most humid of the German cities, as is located in a transition zone between marine and continental climates.

Fact 3 The Cathedral of Cologne – the main symbol of the city – has been under construction from 1248 to 1888. It’s the third-tallest cathedral in the world.

Fact 4 The Catholic Church has bestowed upon Cologne the title of “holy city”, which has been awarded to only two other cities – Rome and Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Fact 5 The city is officially held to be Germany’s capital of carnivals.

Fact 6 Cologne has 22 nature reserves, and 15% of its territory is covered in forests.

Fact 7

Kölsch is the local beer in Cologne. Compared to any other German beers, it tastes sweeter and more refreshing than any other German beer.

Fact 8

In Cologne, you will find Germany’s only Palm Tree Alley (at Flora).

Fact 9

The famous perfume „Eau de Cologne“ was initially a medicine against the pox. The brand “4711” used to be the house number of its founding company Farina– at Glockengasse in Cologne.

Fact 10

At Rheinpark, you may stumble upon a „Comforter-tree“ where kids can hang their old comforter and put it to rest.

Bridge Cologne Germany

Extra Fact:

Cologne is known a lot for their tolerance. That’s why we happy to celebrate the Christopher Street Day every year and this event is going for two weeks.

In my opinion a really interesting city so come here and check it out. There is a lot to see and the cathedral is stunning.

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