Facts to know about Facebook

Facts to know about Facebook

1.     300.000.000 (!!!) pictures will upload each day

2.     2 Billion people are online every month

3.     1,2 Billion people uses the Facebook Messenger

4.     54 % of users are women

5.     46 % of users are men

6.     Every second 20.000 people are activ on Facebook

7.     Christiano Ronaldo, Shakira, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona got the most follower on Facebook

Ronaldo post a picture of his son and him on facebook

8. The Facebook-Like-Button was clicked more than 1,13 Trillionen times

9. 55 Million Status-Updates are posted each day

10. Facebook is available in 101 languages

11. Did you know, that 81 Million profils on Facebook are fake?

12. Al Pacino was the first face on Facebook. Classmates of Zuckerberg had created a logo for Facebook included Al Pacinos face.

13. Peter Thiel, the Co-Founder from PayPal, was the first big investor. He had invested 500.000 $

14. 20 minutes spends every user each day on Facebook

In the past a picture of Al Pacino was set on the log in Page of Facebook

15. Each second Facebook gets 6 new user-profils.

16. 315 Billion users are from Europe

17. The average numbers of friends every user got is 338.

18. Users with children post more then user without

19. 62 % of users are academics

20. 823 Billion people use Facebook only via mobile.

21. Each day 100 Billion videos are watched by users

It is all about facebook

22. More than 5 Million companies all over the world advertise on Facebook

23. If you upload a post on Thursday or Friday it’s more successful

24. Videos are the most shared content on Facebook.

25. Posts which are uploaded between 10 PM and 11 PM are more successful

26. 29,7 % of Facebook-User are 25-34 years old

27. 50 % of users (18-24 years old) checked their Newsfeed immediately after they are awake

28. 2004 the like button was called awesome button

29. The population of Island had voted on the new constitution via facebook

30. First Facebook was called Facemash

Here you will find some interesting facts about facebook
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