Father’s Day

Many children will have entered Father’s Day 2018 in their calendars. But when is the date accurate? And what meaning does the day have?

In 2018, Father’s Day falls on the 10th of May. This is a Thursday – the perfect holiday for a short work week. If you take a holiday on the Friday after the Ascension Day, you can leave a total of nine days with four days off – not only for fathers a beautiful perspective.

The meaning of Father’s Day is regionally different in German-speaking countries. As an official holiday, it has its roots in the US. But Father’s Day is celebrated differently in this country than in his country of origin.

In the United States, Father’s Day is celebrated as a day of honor for Fathers similar to Mother’s Day. The holiday is attributed to Louisa Dodd, whose father had fought in the Civil War from 1861-1865. In 1910 she initiated a movement to honor fathers. President Calvin Coolidge issued a 1924 recommendation for the introduction of a special holiday to the states of the United States. President Richard Nixon raised him to the rank of an official holiday in 1974 for the third Sunday in June.

In Germany, Father’s Day is marked, especially in East Germany, by the so-called men’s match, which is attributed to pagan corridor inspections. The participants usually make a hike while the proper celebration. This is also why carts, bicycle trailers, carts or wheelbarrows, sometimes even tractor-related trailer is taken for the transport of drinks. Often the companions are adorned with lilac and birch branches, as is the custom.

In Germany, the Father’s Day is very often celebrated as a family celebration. On this date, for example, joint day trips are designed, increasingly as a motorcycle ride in larger groups or over the extended weekend – just with Friday as a bridging day, which is released in many schools.

Incidentally, the custom requires that the established fathers do not have to bring or transport their own beer. This takes over the bachelors, they take the fathers symbolically on this day from a load.

Of course, for many children, the holiday is also very important. Just as on the Mother’s Day of the Mother, they make a little present to their Father on Ascension Day.

I wish you a great Father’s Day for those to become and already are a Father to a child.

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