Final Cut Pro X Trial

As I tried Final Cut Pro X Trial for the last Month to edit some Videos for an ongoing Project I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

Final Cut Pro Trial

As you can try the 30-days Trial you can see for yourself if this program is something you need. You can find this Trial to download on the Apple homepage.

I used Final Cut Pro X to edit the Videos I made before and make them ready for YouTube and our Homepage.

Final Cut Pro X is a program from Apple which is after a few hours pretty easy to use even if you’re a total beginner like I am.

What helped me, in the beginning, was to watch 2-3 Videos on YouTube. The people who made some tutorials were really helpful and I also started using shortcuts after some time.

Some cool Facts about it is that you can use some pretty cool samples the program already has. You can add Subtitles really easy by pressing (Option + C) and move them around.

On the right side of the screen, there are the buttons where you can add effects and transitions.

You can also add an Overlay Voice over everything which I did and that’s where I started liking my Voice.

No one usually likes to hear their recorded Voice.

FCPX Final Cut Pro X

This was a short insight for the Final Cut Pro X Trial from my side of view I hoped you liked it, we’re definitely going to buy the full version cause it’s as simple as it could be and easy to handle and it is fun working with it. If you liked my post leave a comment we’re always glad if you do.

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