From Bricks to Clicks Part 2

Well it would be untrue for me to say that I wasn’t petrified, I was completely changing the identity I had for the last 16 years. A complete blank canvas AND doing this in unfamiliar surroundings (My French limited to “Hello and Wine” J ). But if I was to properly test my digital nomad direction this was the only way.

In order to realise my dream of a movement of women that were empowered and fearless I needed to show that I lived this, believing that “doing as I do is much more powerful than doing as I say”. And so off I went and to be honest the evolution of my online business has been awesome, with my online clients open to sharing stories, being exposed and vulnerable to strangers in group conference calls. Actually, I found that they preferred this to sharing and talking to their friends, partners or families, as they don’t want to burden them.

Au revoir Ireland bonjour France

There is something very special and rare about a group of women being open about their fears, doubts, successes and wins in a group setting of like-minded women with similar goals online. We live in a world where people are connected more than ever before. As connected as we are now though there is still a fundamental disconnect between people and the companies that attempt to reach them through these technologies that I learnt about.

The results I’m getting have come from using these technologies. The Key factor here is to use these to deliver a human experience, remember these technologies are no more than tools and in making it comfortable for people to use these enhances the human experience. Delivering this human experience, I’ve developed deep connections with Online clients and they have created connections via interaction in my groups. I’ve held live Facebook videos doing healthy cooking demonstrations, live Kettlebell sessions, live Meditations on my business page. The buzz was amazing, I never thought this was possible.

Sarah Smith Bosslady

This is why I believe in Omnichannel services. From the audience I’ve built online. I hold V.I.P coaching discovery days for small groups in person three times per year. I offer the same service on Skype on a one to one basis. This way I get to reach out and connect using all channels. Just like these marketers did…… This story still gives me such a kick! Saepio a marketing company have been doing a direct marketing campaign where they send a locked box of chocolates to people they want to get a chat with:

But Brew Dog (one of their targets) actually picked the lock and then ate the chocolates and then sent them back one of their IPA’s!! (beers)

Just brilliant marketing and well played by both sides. What you would call thinking outside the box (excuse the pun) A little bit of creativity goes a long way. Can you imagine sending something that the person wants but can’t open until you give the key/code/or something they need that will grant you an audience with them?

Tune into my next installment to find out more about my group, strategies and my journey as a digital nomad.

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