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“Makes it easy to take it easy”

What does this mean? Well, this little bit of blurb is the driving strategy of H-Crew. The value of H Crew lies in the ability to unlock various talents from a group and then bolt these skills together in a cohesive manner to create a valuable product.

H Crew is not represented by any one individual but is instead a group, who are given access to modern product development approaches which allow product ideas to be on the market faster and cheaper.

In essence, it is a crowd product development Kickstarter space where individuals can join and invest their time to develop something that may not be possible on their own.

The vision is to create a series of lifestyle products for the people by the people, geared towards the person on the ground, products that make it easy for anyone to jump into that particular space and get the desired value at a lower cost. The idea is to transfer the lower costs of creation directly to the buyer and to use online power to further enhance the experience. Coming this year will be an online health product that brings the gym home, gives access to valuable mindset and accountability knowledge plus material which gives the subscriber access to some healthy, affordable and tasty menus.
Watch our online channels for more information on this product and the creation of it in the coming weeks. Our Digital doors are always open for new ideas, so please feel free to get in touch and lets find out if we can build the next big thing together.

Faveru is a marketing and event management brand that aims to develop and deploy a range of successfull products utilising the power of the digital native. The goal is to create value in the most cost effective manner and to empower online business people to get started or move to the next level.

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