Hacker Trick

Are you safe?

Facebook hacker got a new trick to get your personal account information. What it is all about, we will explain to you in this article.

Only your name with 2 shocked smilies and a supposed YouTube link. This is enough to trap the clueless Facebook user. But who can blame them? A friend who sends you a YouTube link without any information is not unusual. But now, hacker make use out of our trust.

What happens if I open the link?

If you get a message like this, please inform the sender. Because he was hacked, and his user profile will have misused to earn more personal account information. In most cases, the victim does not know that he was hacked.
Everyone who cannot resist the temptation and click on the link get to another homepage. There the user will be asked to login into Facebook. But remember, in this moment you are still logged in on Facebook.
If you enter all your information, you transfer your data to the fraudsters, get a virus and the devil circle for your other friends begins.

Hacker trick on Facebook with youtube link
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