How I edit my Photos by Phone

I was thinking about this for a few days now and decided to share my process of editing Photos.

This is a short insight how I edit my Photos.

For the beginning, I’m going to use an example Photo.

This is the one I’m going to use for this Article.

So first I’m listing the Programs I use for editing:

  1. Facetune 2
  2. Afterlight

Let’s get this started!

First of all, I use “Facetune” to make my skin look more flawless but be aware to not use the smoothening tool over your whole face. Why? Because you still want to have some contour on your face, I especially just use it for some small spots just because I still want people to recognize me by my Photos. (see below)

Phone Photo Edit
Facetune Photo Editing

After this, I use the Tool to sharpen Details I mostly use it to make my lashes look darker

(see below)

Facetune Photo Editing

Now I just save this Photo in to my Gallery and then move on to the next App which I metioned before called “Afterlight” you maybe already know some Influencers who are using those Apps and really those are the best at the moment you can find to easily edit all of your Photos.

If you don’t know what it looks like just see below.

Afterlight Photo Editing

Then go to your Photos and choose the one you edited before with Facetune 2.

With this step you start editing the picture by different styles I recommend to choose between one or two filters which you like the most and stick with those. Then you will always have a beautiful pattern which people will appreciate.

As you can see I didn’t use the whole filter on this Photo so it will just have some features of this filter and will not change the whole Photo.

For the next Step, this is what I do for my Instagram to create my own pattern through my profile. Find something that you do differently than others try some things out it will help grow your followers.

I crop the picture with the “Golden” Scale

I use a Frame for my Pictures (see below)


Then I just choose this one and it’s finished

Afterlight Frame

The Photo like this is the final product, save it and ready to post it.

Afterlight Edit

Sometimes Before I post it I put it in another app to see a preview of my Instagram account. You can also prepare the picture with text and hashtags before you post it and see the final result of your account before having it posted.

This App is called “Preview” and the best one to use for free.

Preview App

I hope this helps you with your editing.

If you liked my post leave a comment, if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’m also happy with some feedback.

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