International Dance Day

First of all, I chose this topic because in my eyes dancing is important it’s a form of art and self-expression, As I myself love to dance and enjoy it in every single way.

Hip Hop Breakdance

On the 29th of April there will be something new from the field of art, more specifically dance, on the curious holidays. Because this date stands since 1982 for the internationally celebrated World Day of Dance (alternatively also: World Dance Day or International Day of Dance – English International Dance Day). Reason enough to include this event in the collection of curious world days and to shed light on his story in the following.

Who started the International Dance Day?

Initiated by the International Committee of Dance of the International Theater Institute (ITI) of UNESCO, this action day since 1982 is intended to honor dancing as a universal artistic form of expression of man in the world and to place the role of professional dancers in the focus of public awareness.

In addition, the initiators understand the occasion as a kind of sister event of the World Day of the theatre on 27 March.

Why is World Dance Day falling on the 29th of April?

And as usual at such honor and action days of UNESCO, there is also a concrete reason for the choice of the date at the World Dance Day. Because April 29 refers to the birthday of the founder of the modern ballet, the French dancer and choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810).

International Dance Day

Noverre fought in the spirit of bourgeois enlightenment against the paralysis and magnificence of the courtly ballet, against hoop skirts and wigs, for naturalness and humanism in dance and for the dramatic action ballet (for example in Ballet d’action). He was a teacher major ballet masters, such as by Charles LePicq (* 1744 or 1749, † 1806).

In this sense: to you all a great International Day of Dance.

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