Mother’s Day 2018

For many mothers Mother’s Day is a welcome change: breakfast in bed in the morning, poems, flowers or homemade gifts. But above all, Mother’s Day is a reason to spend time outside of everyday life with the family. This year we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13th. In addition to tips and gift ideas, we clarify who invented the day of honor and why he is celebrating it in May.

Flowers are the best – but which ones?

Flowers are one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts – but which variety is the right one? Although red roses are for love, but rather the love of a partner. The Federal Association of Retail Gardeners proposes yellow roses as a gift for Mommy. They represent gratitude, but also happiness and joy. Pink roses symbolize the tender love and orange warmth, happiness and hope. Orchids are also good for Mother’s Day. Among other things, they convey admiration. Gerberas stand for affection and joy. Lilies show respect, but at the same time symbolize love and beauty.


In addition to flowers, the Austrian and German mothers also rank second in terms of handicraft and home-made food. “Traditions and the family seem to play a major role among the Austrians,” says cultural scientist Gerard Baumgartner. In many kindergartens and schools, it is now common practice to make something for Mother’s Day. A mother also likes to cook, as the survey shows, because most of the time it is still the woman who swings the wooden spoon all year round. Even chocolates and pampering actions such as invitations to the restaurant are well received.

Motherday Gift

Another idea that certainly goes down well is a so-called memory album with the most beautiful photos together. Spend some time looking for suitable pictures and make a note of each of the pictures – for example, where the picture was taken or what was special about the day.

The desire for a break

After all, more than five percent of the mothers surveyed wish to spend Mother’s Day without children or family. “Many women are fully cushioned with work, household and parenting throughout the year, leaving little time for themselves, and many feel the need for time off on Mother’s Day, yet most of the women still feel the family on Mother’s Day obligation, “explains Baumgartner.

It all started in America

Mother’s Day originated in the USA. It all started with 500 white carnations that the American Anna Jarvis distributed to other mothers in front of a church on the second Sunday of May in memory of her mother, who had died two years earlier. At their insistence the following year, in the same church, a devotion was first dedicated to the mothers of the world. The mother of Anna Jarvis had already tried in 1865 to find a Mothers movement called “Mothers Friendships Day”. But only her daughter managed to bring about a “Mother’s Day” as a recognized holiday, which was first celebrated in the United States in 1914.


German Mother’s Day since 1923

The first German Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 13, 1923. In 1933 he was expelled as an official holiday, with the National Socialists wanted to support the promotion of young talent by honoring the mother. The third Sunday in May 1934 was celebrated for the first time as an official holiday and “Mother’s Day of German Mothers.” The so-called state-ordained “mütterweihen” were placed on Sundays at 10 o’clock, in order to compete with the Christian celebrations. Five years later, the “Honorary Cross of the German Mother” was also awarded.

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