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Barack Obama will be seen on a Netflix documentation

The former US-President Barack Obama and his wife, the former first lady, Michelle will be seen on a streaming service. They had finalized an extensive cooperation with Netflix. This includes the production of movies, series and documentation. How much they will earn with this collaboration is not yet known.
Since a few months, you had heard this rumour through the grapevine. Now we have got the confirmation.

The New York Times had published that the relevant themes in this production could be topics which are close to Obamas heart, as a person and as an ex-president. These include for example immigration, voting rights, environment and healthcare in the USA. But this production won’t be a dispute discussion with his successor Donald Trump. Obama underlines, that he does not want to discuss the current politics.
For this cooperation, Obama has established a new production company called „Higher Ground“. In front of this name, most people interpret a side blow against Trump. But this is only a speculation.
After Obama said farewell to politics and the white house, Michelle and him stayed out of the public eye. They live furthermore in Washington.

But they are hard to see in any magazines or news feed. In the Netflix series „My next guest needs no introduction“ of Late-Night-Moderator David Letterman from January, Barack Obama was already invited.

Now with the cooperation with Netflix they become visible again. And Barack Obama gets the opportunity to share his messages in our visual era once more. Remember, Barack Obama was amongst others popular for his use of social media platforms and sharing his opinion and view in a sympatric and transparent way.

Barack Obama will be seen on a Netflix documentation
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