Bronze Package



3 Workout Videos
3 Workout Documents
2 Healthy Recipes
1 Healthy Cocktail


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At H-Crew we know that health and fitness are a lifestyle choice that goes beyond exercising. This is why we have created our Bronze Package. One of our tailored bundles designed to help you build your way up to a healthy lifestyle easily. And of course while you have fun. Our Bronze Package has been created to ensure you can make constant progress. Along your health and fitness journey and never feel stuck or bored.

This package is ideal for you if you are just getting started in your path towards a more fulfilling and active way of life that combines workouts and balanced eating. We have put a lot of work in this package. To make sure it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and that it inspires you to do better every day. Are you ready to start this exciting journey? We can’t wait to see where it will take you!


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