St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and maybe you already asked yourself how celebrate it right.

Here is are some little advices for your perfect St. Patrick’s Day.

If you follow those steps, then you’ll have a good chance of having a good time!

1.         Prepare yourself to celebrate!

Wear green you can also wear a red beard real or fake you choose.

2.       Learn some Irish words or phrases!

Eejit. Eejit is the Irish word for idiot. When someone does something stupid or dumb you can tell them: “Ah ya big eejit!” It’s a way to make fun of someone and not meant to be offensive.

What’s the craic? It means something like hey what’s up? Or How was the party? With those you’ll earn great points with The Irish.

3. Learn an Irish dance!

It’s a form of step dancing which is popular all over the world and not only in Ireland.

You’ll impress your friends and it’s a fun way to burn calories!

Check some tutorial out online.

4.         Learn a bit of the History of St. Patrick’s Day!

It has been a religious Festival in Ireland for thousands of years. The Day is named in honor of St. Patrick, the patron of Ireland who has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. There are even more Stories you should know some, cause it’s not only the Party the is History behind all that.

5. Find an Irish Pub in your Location and go Celebrate with friends and enjoy the Day!

6. Even if you don’t like drink one Guiness for the Irish sake!

So if you follow those Steps you’ll be save.

I hope I could have helped you with it a little and wish you a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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