Like a lot of people, I LOVE SUMMER, when the Days are longer and the nights shorter we don’t have to wear a lot cause it’s hot and people getting tanned.

Summer starts on the 21stof June at least in the north part of the world. But unfortunately, it already ends on the 22ndand 23rdof September when the day and night are 12 hours long each. But everyone likes it as well when it starts too cool of a little bit in autumn.

Now let me tell you some Pros & Cons from my side:

Pro: Nothing feels better than laying out and sunbathing…

Pro: For people who still go to school, Summer Holidays yes!!! It’s time to put your legs up and relax and do nothing all summer long.

Pro: Your toes are finally thawing out and you remember what sunshine feels like! Sweet, sweet sunshine!

Pro: Nothing is more fun than watching people at the beach.

Pro: The food. Ice Cream, Corn on the cob, seafood and a lot more.

Pro: Summer Vacations!!!!! Salt Water does Wonders for your Hair.

Pro: You can finally work on your sun-kissed skin you’ve been waiting for all year.

Pro: You can finally break out the Slippers and jean shorts.

Pro: You’ve waited so long, and summer has finally come.

Con: You have never thought that it is physically possible to sweat this much! Phew…!

Con: There is literally nothing to do. Boredom overload.

Summer Feet Free

Con: You get sunburned more often than you thought in the beginning!

Con: There’s also the chance that they are watching you while picking your bikini wedgie.

Con: Warm food in Summer, eating soup will make you sweat but you still kind of miss soup.

Con: Humidity does not.

Con: There is a thin line between “sun-kissed” and “absolutely fried by the sun’s evil rays.”

Woman Surfing Summer Tan

Con: Chafing. Lots of chafing. -.-

Con: The next thing you know it’s over.

The most annoying thing in Summer for me is still the wasps and Bees which are always attacking me, they can smell my fear. At least people around me can laugh at my reaction every time.

This is my favorite time of the year even with all those Cons I just love it because I don’t like to be cold.

I hoped you liked this post if yes leave a comment and I hope you’ll have a great SUMMER!

Summer Jumps Beach
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