First of all, I myself am tattooed and I love it, for me it’s a self-expression and creative way to put Art on your Skin which you take with you for your whole life. I’m 22 and, I have 4 Tattoos for now but there are more to come. My eldest brother is a tattoo Artist, so I benefit from that. I promised myself to get a Tattoo a year which perfectly falls on my Birthday in November. This is also the perfect Time to get one because you shouldn’t expose it to the sun, so it does not fade.

A Tattoo is a Motive, which is put into your skin with Ink, Pigments and other Colors.

For that the Ink is put by a Tattoo Artist into your Skin with needles. Today Tattoos are a type of Body Modification for humans and for animals it’s an identification.

Tattoo Needle Skin
Tattooed Guy

Origin and development

Because of the variety of hints scattered all over the globe, it can be assumed that the custom of tattooing has developed independently and independently among the different peoples of the earth.

Oldest find – Ötzi

For a long time the “Ötzi” was the oldest Human found with a Tattoo. By the number of tattoos he had he still has the record with 61 Tattoos of Characters, Lines and Dots. They’ve been scratched into the skin and colored with a coal powder.

Function and meaning

Tattoos have a lot of different meanings and functions. The Literature calls the Function as a Member sign and a ritual or sacral symbol. Today Tattoos are also a change for self-expression and demarcation. Further it’s been a means for Reinforcement of sexual stimuli, Accessories, protest and not to forget political statement.

Tattoos for Identification

At the time of National Socialism, inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp were tattooed with prisoner numbers. Members of the SS had a blood group tattoo on the left, inner upper arm.

Tattoos Hands Rings

My Tattoos:

Number 1

My first tattoo was my grandmothers name which is written as an Ambigram you can read upside down too see below.


Tattoo Ambigram T


Ambigram Upside Down Tattoo
Number 2

My second one is the tree of life combined with the Peace Symbol the idea came to me by looking for a tattoo idea with a moon combined because I didn’t wanted to include the moon with this tattoo I thought including the peace Symbol just because I don’t want any color on my left arm and the moon wouldn’t look good in black and white. See below.

Tree of Life Peace Symbol Tattoo
Tree of Life Peace Symbol Tattoo
Number 3

My third tattoo is a Diamond which honestly stand for the Stars, I came to this idea by watching The Big Bang Theory, once Howard Wolowitz said: Up above the World so high like little Diamonds in the Sky. I loved that quote and was looking for a way to have the stars with me and I decided for the Diamond.

Diamonds Stars Tattoo
Number 4

And my 4th Tattoo I just got because I loved the idea having a lotus on my Skin.

Elbow Lotus Tattoo

I will have more in November, can’t wait for my next ones.

I hope you liked this post if you have any questions leave a comment, thanks for reading and I’ll reveal my new tats as soon as I get them. 🙂

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