Total Lunar Eclipse in Cologne 2018

Next week in Germany we can experience a total lunar eclipse but depends on the weather if you can see the blood moon well.

I’m a big fan of the moon and everything to do with space.

Since I’ve often missed the opportunity to witness a lunar or solar eclipse, I’m looking forward all the more to this lunar eclipse.

The night from 27.07 to 28.07 you can watch the lunar eclipse.

I really hope that this time the weather is right and the sky stays clear.

How is this spectacle?

The lunar eclipse occurs at the full moon. If the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon you will see a lunar eclipse.

In the process, the earth is caused by the sun, which casts a shadow towards the moon. When the moon pulls through this so-called core shadow, there is a lunar eclipse.

Here is the peculiarity that the moon completely immersed in the umbra. In a partial lunar eclipse, he is only partially in the shade.

Eclipse Luna

When is the moon in Cologne to see and how long does the spectacle go?

The event lasts a full 103 minutes on the 27th of July as the distance between the earth and the moon as well as the earth and the sun is especially great.

Between 21:30 and 23:13, the red moon will be on display in Cologne.

The moon opens in Cologne at 21:17.

The total lunar eclipse 2018 is accompanied by two partial solar eclipses.

This happens either 2 weeks before or after. So it comes on 13 July in the run-up to the total lunar eclipse to a partial eclipse. And on August 11, 2018, another partial eclipse will take place.

Better than in Germany, the lunar eclipse can be observed in 2018 in southeastern Europe. A trip to Greece or Turkey would be an advantage as the guarantee for good weather is higher. It is important that a cloudy sky can hinder the view of the red shining moon tremendously.

Tomorrow also an event will take place which is called Cologne lights.

There are some interesting weekends in Cologne in July. To Cologne lights, you will learn more next week.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked my post. Let me know what you think about it and leave a comment. And have fun with the blood moon look.

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