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A New Yorker judge has confirmed with a court judgement, that the US-President Donald Trump defied the American constitution. How could that be? Like everybody knows Donald Trump is a big fan of Twitter and loves to share his opinion on everything. Of course, not everybody shares the same opinion as him. And that is, what Trump does not want to accept. Therefore, he deletes the negative comments. This way to handle others opinion is not gentleman-like, but it is his good right.

But this was not all: He went so far, that he blocked unpleasant follower of his Twitter-Account @realdonaldtrump. Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald explains, that this behaviour is an infringement of Amendment No. 1, which protects freedom of speech. Nobody, including the US-President, is above the law. Due to the fact, Twitter is a public platform for sharing opinions, Trump cannot block other people just for sharing different political views. Particularly with regard to the main topic of his Account, politics. Because Trump uses Twitter more often to publish and announce (not to discuss) his political action.

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About 52,2 million people follow @realdonaldtrump on Twitter. It remains to be seen whether the followers are real or Social Bots.
Of course, many people follow him only to be informed of his different tweets and not because they share his view.

But the last word has not yet been spoken. The Department of Justice does not support the decision of Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald. They argue, that Trump can block other users from his Twitter account because of his lawful liberty. They go so far as to argue Trump has the right of choosing the people with whom he wants to „spend his time on Twitter“. If he does not want to „spend“ his time with some people, he can block them of his Account.

Let see what happens next!

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