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Aindrita Ray helping Indian dogs

Some of you may have seen the newspaper article that appeared in about an experience that I had recently, an experience that involved innocent creatures being mistreated. I wanted to speak a few words on this because I believe that Atrocities towards animals need to stop in our beautiful country. It was Gandhi himself that said “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”  and its disheartening and upsetting to see these innocent creatures who have just the same right as us to be on this planet treated with so much disrespect.

As reported by the times group I came upon a man who was hitting a puppy with an Iron Rod. This abject cruelty got my blood boiling and i responded towards him enraged. In the days that followed I could not let the incident rest and after some sleepless nights worrying about what was to become of these puppies I decided to take further action. I contacted Charlies Animal Rescue centre and went back to the scene of the injustice and thankfully was able to pick up three of the endangers puppies from the construction site. These innocent creatures are now up adoption and are seeking a home where they can be treated with love and respect.

I would ask any of you who that are looking for a canine addition to your house hold to consider adoption to help ease the suffering that already exists. We can also help at a regional level in managing the stray situation by helping to have them neutered, rescue the ones that are being visibly mis treated, walking away means that this is acceptable behaviour and this should never be the case.

Aindrita Ray helping Indian dogs

Creatures should be treated in a manner that one expects to be treated else we run the risk of becoming a society that fosters cruelty and suffering.

On that note check out some photos of me helping some thirsty dogs lately as the temps rise here in

Bangalore, and a big thanks to PETA for the validation of my actions with the construction Puppies. Pp

Aindrita Ray
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Aindrita Ray | 16.04.1985

Aindrita Ray is an Indian film actress, artist & animal lover.

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